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Reviews for The Cleanskin

“A masterpiece of drama and characterisation … destined to become a classic of its genre.”

Review in The Weekend Australian

“An unsettling tale of buried intrigues.”

Review in the Sydney Morning Herald

“It is not the characters that resonate long after the story is over, but those big concepts and the questions that they raise.”

Review by Kerryn Pholi 

“The Cleanskin is a story of charisma and charm, and the ease with which they can manipulate; a story of belief in something bigger than yourself and the totally uncharacteristic way they can steer your life if you are not vigilant. It’s a story of relationships and the way in which we let the past dictate our future ….

“A brilliant read that will make you think and have you looking at the world around you with a slightly different perspective, or it did for me anyway.”
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“Mysterious, poignant, reflective, honest…well written, engaging, intelligent and thought provoking. Make sure you read this book!”
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“This is a big, ambitious book. It’s a thriller that’s also an intense human drama. It tells a big story: the interaction in the Irish diaspora between the margins and the centre, the phenomenon of terrorism, the hot phase of the Troubles in Northern Ireland and its eventual ending in the peace accords. It also tells a small story: how events conspire to draw Megan, a young woman from Catholic aristocracy in Sydney’s affluent north shore into identification with her Irish Catholic origins, and then involvement in an IRA bombing of a London pub. When the action of the book begins, Megan is a middle aged woman, living in Mullumbimby, a small country town near Byron Bay. Only she’s not Megan anymore, but Halley, having assumed a new identity and a new life, with a husband and a son and a community, who know nothing of her past.”
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