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The Women And The Girls by Laura Bloom

Laura’s latest novel:


Three friends. Three marriages left behind. Life begins in earnest.


“In this light hearted novel, Laura Bloom rejects the traditional rom-com, opting instead to follow a more contemporary journey of self-reckoning. Fans of Liane Moriarty will enjoy this friendship-driven romp.”



KAI Laura Bloom Dream Rider Books


Book 3 in the Dream Riders series

When Shannon takes the Dream Riders on a trip to the Brumby Rescue Centre, to pick out a wild horse to train, Kai decides to go too.

Mika & Max by Laura Bloom

Mika & Max

A story about a girl who meets a boy who changes everything

“Short, sharp and wholly powerful. A precious little wonder of a book.”
A book for readers 10+


The Dream Riders Series

Without a saddle or a bridle, all that’s left is the truth.

In a small country town where everyone comes to be different, four young teens who don’t fit in break away from the rules of Pony Club, to learn about natural horsemanship, at the magical equestrian centre, Pocket of Dreams. It’s a skill the young people must draw on in every aspect of their lives, as they face their own challenges, and share adventures beyond their imagining.

Shortlisted for the 2019 Children’s Literature Peace Prize.


Laura Bloom has written nine bestselling and critically acclaimed adult and children’s novels.

Intimate and honest. Passionate, real and compelling, Bloom’s work is intelligent writing, with strong  plots, complex characters and complete emotional truth.

‘This is compelling fiction’ 

Cameron Woodhead, The Age

‘A masterpiece of drama and characterisation.’

Alan Gold, The Australian

March 24, 2021 in Media, Writing

Better Reading Q&A with Laura

Better Reading: What inspired the idea behind this book? Laura Bloom: I think it was a feeling of yearning for more connection and meaning in my life as I was raising my family; questioning the ways we do it now – from our living arrangements to our friendships to the way we conduct our romantic lives – and wondering if there might not be something better. What better time to look to for that than the 70s? A time when ordinary women suddenly had the freedom to make big changes – and sometimes big mistakes. Not to mention the fabulous…
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January 8, 2021 in Friendship, Life, Mentoring, Writing

I’m still missing you, Demetrius

  'I wonder what D would say about this?' I think, as I open up the latest headlines about what's going on in Washington Born in the US, but with roots in Jamaica, reality TV, and great literature, he always had an original and an apt way of getting right to the heart of things, in a way that would make me laugh, or sometimes cry. It's been five years now, since I learned on Facebook of my good friend Demetrius Graves' death from a sudden asthma attack , and I wonder, still, when am I going to get 'over…
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